Advocate Associates

Advocacy is a way of supporting individuals who are disadvantaged and unable to express themselves in a way that represents their best interests. It plays a key role in reducing the risk of social isolation and encourages people to gain control and bring about a beneficial result for themselves.

Advocates may be able to provide information and guidance in order to assist individuals in taking action to resolve any concerns they may have, but fear not being listened to.

Advocates can represent individuals on their behalf through speaking and letter writing as well as attending appointments and meetings with them.

Advocacy helps promote social inclusion, social justice and equality, and Advocate Associates are all about taking action in helping people say what they want to, in a way that represents them as an individual.



[v. ad-vuh-keyt; n. ad-vuh-kit]
a person who speaks
or writes in support
or defence of a person
and/or cause.

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